Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rachel's First USA Onam with "Pookalam"

It's 2006 Onam, First of time going to celebrate witout my dad , mom and sister. So this year, I planned to enjoy my Onam vacation with Rachel & Ruben @ Colombus with my cousin sister Preetha chechy and Renjichayan. Booked SouthWest airlines - Oh ! the flight was at morning 4 am from Midway, Chicago ... Reached Colombus ontime, Renji chayan was waiting there to pick me up from Airport. Colombus's ring road was beautiful and I took few photos while we head to new home that they brought. I think I was the first one to visit from our family to the newly owned house...

Its a nice house, Preetha chechy was busy preparing Onam special for me... Yummy.

Hi Rache & Ruben - How are you ! --- No reponse.... Both were into the TV ... I think the program was Dora!

I spend few mintues to talk with Preetha chechy and Renjichaya about my stay and work at Chicago.

After the show, kids came for me .... Fun starts now ! :-) enjoyed 2-3 days...

Preetha chechy told me that Rachel is dreaming about "Pookalam" - flower carpet ; Then we put a plan to bring all flowers from backyard and started laying out the design... After all things are done, We miss on last piece - the central flower ! ... Rachel is like.... ! "Jeancha" what to do ? she spend few more minutes ... "I have a idea" said Rachel.... She ask me to wait here... ran to the next house as she started knocking the door... "Can I get the pick the big flower from your garden mam?" !

We completed the "Pookalam" and it's Rachel's first Onam Pookalam ....

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